Solid wood furniture or Particle board furniture

Solid wood furniture or Particle board furniture

In my previous article I discussed about various option for cabinets, wardrobes, dinning tables, beds, mirrors etc. Every time I insisted on solid wood furniture. Here in this discussion I will try to throw some light on why I do so. Though there are other options for furniture such as Particle board, which has its own merit, yet I support solid wood furniture. Lets start with merits of both then we will move to demerits and will try to come to some conclusion.

Merits of Particle Board

Because of its making style particle board has its own merits like cost, weight etc. These makes it popular.

Particle board offers you less expensive furniture. Sometimes cost of furniture in particle board is half the cost of similar solid wood variant.
Particle board gives us light weight furniture as compared to similar solid wood variant. Because of light weight transportation of particle board furniture is relatively easier and safe.
Particle board furniture is quite durable under regular use, it will not warp, expand or contract as it can happen in wooden, as long as the laminate finish is intact.

Merits of Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture gives us opportunity to have artistic and aesthetic option to make our décor impressive and royal. Carving and other types of beautiful impressions are not possible of any nicest particle board option.

Solid wood furniture comes with a timeless strength and stability. Even after ages beauty and artwork remain same. You can visit any historical place and check yourself that century old furniture still has same royal look.

Demerits of Particle Board Furniture

There are many drawbacks of particle board furniture, which have to bear if we go for such options.
Most of the time particle board furniture is non repairable, as multiple or re-usage of nails or screws can show fatal result.
On minute inspection, you will realize that particle board does not look nice and finished. Layers of board get damaged with time. It absorbs water easily and If the base of a particle-board piece gets wet and the laminate is damaged, behaving more like layers of wet corrugated cardboard, expanding to several times its original size which is non recoverable
Similar non recoverable situations occurs if laminate or veneer peels away, that portion begins to crumble.

Merit of Solid wood furniture

I believe solid wood has only two demerits weight and cost.

We manage weight with modulation

As I mentioned that particle board furniture is easy in shifting from one place to another than its similar wooden counterpart just because of weight. We try to solve this issue.
We make the furniture in modules. While shifting you can dis-mental and shift. All sections are connecting to each other with best quality, strong nuts and bolts.


If you are looking for less expensive light weight furniture you can go for particle board.
If you are looking for long lasting, durable, artistic and royal furniture you should go for wooden furniture.
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